Praxis II Business Education Exam

generalbusiness2.1To teach business education courses in a public school system, instructors are sometimes required by their licensing state to pass the PRAXIS II Business Education Exam. The test, which lasts two hours and is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions, assesses these areas of business education: professional business education; information processing; money management; office management and procedures; accounting and marketing practices; business environment; and economic systems in the United States.

To prepare for the 24 questions on the PRAXIS II Business Education Exam that deal with pedagogy, teachers should review instructional methodology, lesson planning, classroom management, business curriculum, and student business organizations. In order to prepare for the 20 questions that concern information processing, those who study for the PRAXIS II Business Education Exam should specifically review word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, medical transcription, and frequently transcribed data.

Seventeen questions on the PRAXIS II Business Education Exam deal with money management, 12 concern U.S. economic systems, and 17 regard accounting and marketing. To study for these test sections, examinees should review mathematical formulas found in business applications, consumer education, consumer rights, the principles of economics, government and banking, free enterprise, purchasing and distribution, and accounting systems.

The 30 questions on the PRAXIS II Business Education Exam about business environment and office management pertain to recordkeeping, business communication, writing, telecommunications, employment skills, ethics, productivity measurement, worker evaluation, insurance, bankruptcy, and legal issues.